Jason Pardoe

Just had 3 days with Alan and Martin. 3 days 5 of us will never forget we had 2526lb of cats. I have been all over the world and nothing comes close to what we did! Cheers guys c u soon very soon, Jason, Nige, John, Cazzy and Mark

Chris Jenkins

Martin, Tim & Alan, many thanks for a great 3 days this week. I have never had some much fun on the bank or in the bar as we did this week and you will definitely see us all again to smash our Catfish records. Cheers, Jenks, Bradders, Dickie and Glen "The Ebro King"🙂

Chris Archer

Had a cracking week last week with Jonny Bonny Scarce. If it wasn't for all you guys at Catfish Capers I'd never have had the chance of landing this new pb 169lb cat 😛.... Cheers guys!

Daz Hird

Big thank you to Martin and the girls for the welcome they gave us. Food spot on (Martin portions). Alan big thanks again for putting us on the fish and sharing your knowledge and expertise which enabled us to fulfill what we came for (ton ups). Last but not least big up to Graham for the hard work he does and the coffees and for entertaining us each day. Once again big thank you to all at Catfish Capers for making this a week to remember and will see you next year .

John Mckie

Well here we go again just booked my 21ST trip with catfish capers. All I can say is they are the best on the Ebro everything is sorted for you . You start the day with an Irish size breakfast then they drive you to the river 30 mins away, 15mins on main road and 15 mins across desert down to the river. That's a challenge on its own but can be funny with all the bumps and dust. Once you're on the bank all the fun starts. Most times everything is ready to go and you have a great days fishing with one of the guides. There is Tim, Pontus and Graham - also known as swampy, you will see why lol. They work relentlessly all day trying to get you fish and rowing the baits out. While you are on the bank you get a pack up and soft drinks . You pack up at 18 00 and drive back to the bar where you have got Martin Walker the big boss man waiting to pour you a great pint of cold beer, cheap as well. Then you got the biggest challenge of the day which is one of Martin's meals, they are nearly as big as the fish! Great choice and very nice indeed. After that if you can walk after eating you can go for a stroll around Caspe, a very old scenic Spanish town or you can stay in the bar drinking and having a game of pool but be careful as you're up again at 7 30 to start all over again. Be warned it gets harder on you as the week goes on. Well that's it, now looking forward to next trip so if you fancy a great week contact Catfish capers you won't go wrong trust me!

John Atkins

A big thank you to Martin Walker, Pontus, Andy and Graham for another fantastic weeks fishing and also to Kevin, Trevor, Wayne and the one and only SLUDGE (Graham). You all made it a week to remember! Good luck and thanks again.

John Powis

Spent last week at the Jolly Fisherman and what a week it was! Martin feed us like kings with plenty to drink on the side. The fishing was even better with cats to 164lbs and carp to 41lbs, this was mainly due to Pontus our guide who worked tirelessly to make our week fantastic. Thanks Pontus you're a TOP MAN. A big thanks again to all the guys at the Jolly Fisherman we will see you again. If you want a good time and great fishing put Catfish Capers on your bucket list.

Dave McGraw

Thank you Martin for all the hard work you put in to make this a trip that none of us will forget. Without your guidance and expertise we would not have had a clue where to start and we now would be confident in being able tackle the mighty Ebro on our own if we wanted to secure in the knowledge that we could catch. We wont though, as it’s a lot easier to book another trip with you. The only downside is that you have completely ruined our carp fishing, we can never catch a carp again without thinking of it as bait.

Andy Little

Martin has made up his own clonks as believes most commercially made products create a similar noise, while his are slightly different and could give him an edge. Well, after handling catfish of 92lb and 103lb in quick succession I wasn't going argue! It was fascinating to watch the reactions of the cats on his echo sounder.

Simon Hall

All the guides had different fishing styles, techniques and theories and this is what made the holiday even more enjoyable. Martin you have a great team and myself and Craig will be booking up again in the near future for next year’s Ebro Assault.