Waters dropping away fast at the moment but the fishing continues to be good! Last week I had Rob and Lewis out and they absolutely smashed it between them, landing a total of 109 fish! Both managed new PB’s with a 139lb for Rob and a 162lb for Lewis!

Tight lines / Pontus Ingvarsson 20046463_10155457650111598_6808150188270967224_n20046656_10155457650476598_5129348763272395041_n20106292_10155457650751598_5386170521356456614_n20108266_10155457649991598_5031565379018283188_n20140131_10155457650466598_8973441753670986429_n20155785_10155457650471598_7866167580311968510_n20228273_10155457649541598_6020830188538013982_n20228778_10155457650081598_459617952420728002_n

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