This years guiding season has come to an end, and it has been another very successful year with loads of big fish. This year we caught a total of 1916 catfish which is slightly more than the previously last few years. We also managed a new catfish record of 226lb, a big congratulations to John Mckie for catching this monster catfish than won him a FREE TRIP next year. So take a look at the list below and check in our top 10 list for 2017 (please take in account that all our fish are caught from the top-lake and excludes mequinenza fish) A merry Christmas and a Happy new year to all our guests and friends and hope to see you next year!


1. 226lb John Mckie 11/10
2. 213lb Darren Roberts 13/8
3. 206lb Aidan Morral 25/2
4. 205lb Peter Sommanson 14/6
5. 205lb Charlie Smith 30/8
6. 202lb Andreas Larsen 23/8
7. 200lb Theo van Baardwijk 1/10
8. 198lb Terry Smith 9/6
9. 197lb Steven McCarthy 18/6
10. 193lb Terry Smith 26/10 25542677_10156021167126598_1833083468246854772_o25550579_10156021166576598_6806417452688768431_n25552012_10156021167116598_1033874572791162266_n25587707_10156021165576598_5927018673489606054_o25593939_10156021167136598_1940050580716888634_n25627013_10156021165551598_4047363336361785964_o25627212_10156021166586598_9034250686727646888_o

Just finished a winter carping session with Rasmus from Denmark. We started of with rock hard conditions with very cold nights and only 4,7 degrees in the water, but after a couple of days the fish got used to the conditions and started to feed and we finally got some action. In total Rasmus landed 20 fish up to 22,2kg here’s a couple of pictures of some of the fish! 25073315_10155995912631598_6338581778755216278_o25075118_10155995910986598_3661988317166233768_o25188859_10155995910946598_5397423845869483469_o25358223_10155995910991598_4947791392649898459_o

A few weeks back Mick arranged for a big group to come over catfishing for the first time, it was a great few days with lots of laughs and some good fish on the bank aswell. Seven out of the eight managed fish over 100lb and Mick got the biggest at 168lb. Here’s a couple of pictures from their trip, including some big carp! 23915837_10155955917521598_5916578671437276885_n24067937_10155955918041598_2865698442045716972_n24068201_10155955917976598_7006614964529672514_n24068281_10155955917701598_2277413899509686128_n24068855_10155955917451598_3933563946336499413_o24129641_10155955916996598_384114200349936581_n24232440_10155955917821598_5001003037896530077_n24232724_10155955917616598_8663975954648789562_n

Here’s a few nice pictures from a while back fishing with Paul, Tom,Andy and Tim.
The week started of slow as we got wiped out by weed and was forced to move but after a few days we managed to get back on the swim and the fish was feeding well landing a total of 29 cats. Paul caught the biggest one at 177lb, shortly followed by Tom at 169lb, Andy had a nice 152lb as his biggest and Tims biggest was a 109lb catfish. 23915795_10155952784516598_7261865337334719589_n24058717_10155952784511598_2391782522410182476_n24058753_10155952785941598_2782319556126527385_n24059157_10155952785786598_3149102078970160081_n24067831_10155952786831598_7253808445243152306_n24129577_10155952782766598_1248697276477543452_n24131546_10155952785926598_658714473974606927_n24176822_10155952784286598_1332573386936783937_n

Charlie Smith came out on his own and absolutely smashed it! This are the weights of the biggest ones he caught 113lb, 131lb, 142lb, 149lb, 159lb and an absolute monster weighing in at 205lb and measuring 2,43m, not bad for only three days of fishing! 22496377_10155791949696598_2376108370629307537_o22498928_10155791947556598_7352723233859753699_o22519691_10155791950031598_8624871897352010571_o22520140_10155791949951598_8780560939556518567_o22528790_10155791948306598_4216085209046377132_o22550107_10155791948456598_5631484089644890843_o

A few more pictures from last weeks fishing with John, Chris and Stuart. The fishing was pretty hard going with only 14 cats on the bank but with half of them being over 100lb topped of by the massive 226lb the size of the fish made up for the slow fishing. With absolutely stunning weather for being October and nice company made it to a great week on the bank!

During Wednesday lunchtime long time returning customer John Mckie hooked in to something really big and after a 45min fight we could secure a huge fish that pushed the scales to a massive 226lb! It’s a new record for Catfish capers and probably the biggest correctly weight fish in the Caspe area of the Ebro! A big congratulations to John for a very well deserved fish! 22426545_10155779369871598_187908166876552622_o22467610_10155779371091598_4569736057372711295_o

Fished two days with Gooch and during he’s staying he landed 8 nice cats up to 117lb and an absolutely stunning River common of 43lb 8oz! 21273518_10155619130861598_8261007999752354891_o21319246_10155619131006598_886487772666026562_o

First week upriver started of a bit slow but quickly the fish got on the feed and several nice fish got caught!! Here are a couple of the better pictures from a great week with great company! 21191986_10155607802816598_3225999449711307789_n21192094_10155607801716598_7256107204588675261_n21192354_10155607802776598_8551894253143400846_n21192816_10155607802826598_6932251775489818919_n21192854_10155607802966598_4097391536211526095_n21314342_10155607796906598_6517445889077424841_n21314616_10155607801501598_4923830055133308960_n

Ollie, Glenn and Jan from England where alsoe out during the same time as Jesper and Andreas from Denmark. All of them managed to reach their goals of catching a 100lb plus fish, during their first day off fishing!! Here are a few pictures from them with cats up to 176lb and carp to just over 40lb! 21106895_10155602709411598_8926182593782057399_n21167953_10155602711031598_4807532314260906888_o21192262_10155602710906598_3156445260122943911_n21200463_10155602716346598_2449755975821367851_o21200570_10155602717391598_2304258314931115380_o21200889_10155602715036598_8284212306859042890_o21248235_10155602716386598_4219092219474066996_o21248277_10155602715106598_7755993893465325866_o21248315_10155602712526598_5498610431020654271_o21273619_10155602716476598_1852646054918980053_o