Refurbishment of accommodation. The open storage area below the bar has been made secure with lockable doors, we can then supply you with keys for the outside door so you can come and go as you wish. No more 3 beds to a room, nasty wooden shutters removed and curtains fitted, new false ceiling with led down lights like we have in the bar, new draws and wardrobes, new doors with individual locks and, wait for it…. wait for it….. air con…. yes air con in all bedrooms. 16806885_10154887590526598_8757809061070961330_n16649007_10154887589986598_5127563423134456529_n

Waters dropping away fast at the moment but the fishing continues to be good! Last week I had Rob and Lewis out and they absolutely smashed it between them, landing a total of 109 fish! Both managed new PB’s with a 139lb for Rob and a 162lb for Lewis!

Tight lines / Pontus Ingvarsson 20046463_10155457650111598_6808150188270967224_n20046656_10155457650476598_5129348763272395041_n20106292_10155457650751598_5386170521356456614_n20108266_10155457649991598_5031565379018283188_n20140131_10155457650466598_8973441753670986429_n20155785_10155457650471598_7866167580311968510_n20228273_10155457649541598_6020830188538013982_n20228778_10155457650081598_459617952420728002_n

A few pictures from week before last, Neil had been out fishing with us before and for Darren it was his first time on the Ebro! Darren’s biggest fish came on his second bite landing a cracking 168lb’er, for Neil it took a bit longer but on the end we managed to beet his old Pb with a 149lb’er after a good scrap! In total they had 86 fish between them!

Tight lines / Pontus Ingvarsson 19756806_10155423199036598_6418055147262005216_n19780571_10155423201501598_3670983142618938021_o19787135_10155423200731598_8841238672750935572_o19787373_10155423200451598_1677310216139044173_o19875220_10155423201036598_3133651670137818460_n19956185_10155423201111598_3821338699638171350_o19956654_10155423201296598_806148284570761793_o19961541_10155423200506598_8479361569569957609_n

Here’s a few pictures from another happy guest! Ray started his week of a bit slow but during his last few days the action really kicked in and we couldn’t keep the rods in the water! He got a total of 57fish on the bank landing 45 of them during his last two days with the biggest being a 158lb, not bad work for a 75 year old guy!!

Tight lines / Pontus Ingvarsson 19510299_10155378209551598_9211248303769226438_n19510400_10155378209486598_5740523338609201884_n19511506_10155378209476598_1374314197605556216_n

Between all the “little” ones there are some real monsters to be caught! Steve was the lucky one last week landing the biggest one, a real massive catfish weighing in at 197lb !

Tight lines / Pontus Ingvarsson19397065_10155367605546598_3148792493796839656_n

The week before I guided the Swedish people I had Terry, Mike and Jez over from England. It was another great week starting the first day off with a whopping 37 fish on the bank! It continued to be a great week landing a total of 92fish!
Mike got a new pb of 142lb beating his old record with a few pounds, Jez had a new pb with a really nice 178lb and Terry absolutely smashed his old pb of 180lb with a real monster of 198lb with a length of 2,43m!!

Tight lines / Pontus Ingvarsson 19396618_10155358931271598_8597157873136807052_n19396893_10155358931246598_7580095851188920642_n19399111_10155358931491598_2199011824569930394_n19399767_10155358931241598_8626619565641932352_n


Just finished guiding a group of anglers from Sweden and what a result! During their three days fishing they managed to land 40 catfish topped of by a real beast of 2,40m weighing in at 205lb!

For the last week I’ve been out guiding a group of Dutch from our booking partner from holland. They all managed new personal best catfish with a 2,13m (144lb) for Marko, 2,24m (159lb) for Rob and a 2,19m for Erik with a nice weight of 181lb! A nice week in nice company with some good fish on the bank!

Tight lines / Pontus Ingvarsson 18581794_10155258715846598_137677324799497221_n18582416_10155258713226598_506240538046792749_n18582558_10155258711691598_7539671394215776406_n18582602_10155258716266598_4888315860593528617_n18620490_10155258715246598_4586525742936159716_n18622375_10155258713161598_5665838890733062269_n18664594_10155258712446598_5049564219580220295_n18740176_10155258715981598_7601168466554287410_n

We just had a group out from our Dutch booking partner Big Game Ebro. They had a very good weeks fishing with over 100 fish on the bank!! Here’s a few pictures from their trip, check it out! 18425155_10155230072431598_3452876747324340397_n18446985_10155230072546598_8275540125520383574_n18447272_10155230071491598_9125928434771946571_n18447334_10155230071596598_2880364429053857301_n18447387_10155230071481598_8343407436567920481_n18485385_10155230072351598_8174887510615711890_n18485539_10155230071486598_684851494153991116_n18485834_10155230071586598_342279094131990219_n18485943_10155230072571598_2234201529665496771_n18486262_10155230072436598_8795291470764634563_n18486272_10155230072361598_3248358086568798112_n18486361_10155230072446598_2749438236333139848_n18527868_10155230072366598_8936425157985154897_n

Since a few weeks back the catfish is done with their spawning and they are now feeding very well! Harry and Harry was out fishing with us last week and had plenty of action with fish up to 118lb! Here’s a few pictures from their fishing holiday with us!

Tight lines / Pontus Ingvarsson 18301599_10155205364766598_3227860415693019311_n18342290_10155205364761598_4261993136729728271_n18403483_10155205364986598_5812998938872698039_n18424266_10155205364751598_6153832313856746575_n