Here’s a few nice pictures from a while back fishing with Paul, Tom,Andy and Tim.
The week started of slow as we got wiped out by weed and was forced to move but after a few days we managed to get back on the swim and the fish was feeding well landing a total of 29 cats. Paul caught the biggest one at 177lb, shortly followed by Tom at 169lb, Andy had a nice 152lb as his biggest and Tims biggest was a 109lb catfish. 23915795_10155952784516598_7261865337334719589_n24058717_10155952784511598_2391782522410182476_n24058753_10155952785941598_2782319556126527385_n24059157_10155952785786598_3149102078970160081_n24067831_10155952786831598_7253808445243152306_n24129577_10155952782766598_1248697276477543452_n24131546_10155952785926598_658714473974606927_n24176822_10155952784286598_1332573386936783937_n

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