This years guiding season has come to an end, and it has been another very successful year with loads of big fish. This year we caught a total of 1916 catfish which is slightly more than the previously last few years. We also managed a new catfish record of 226lb, a big congratulations to John Mckie for catching this monster catfish than won him a FREE TRIP next year. So take a look at the list below and check in our top 10 list for 2017 (please take in account that all our fish are caught from the top-lake and excludes mequinenza fish) A merry Christmas and a Happy new year to all our guests and friends and hope to see you next year!


1. 226lb John Mckie 11/10
2. 213lb Darren Roberts 13/8
3. 206lb Aidan Morral 25/2
4. 205lb Peter Sommanson 14/6
5. 205lb Charlie Smith 30/8
6. 202lb Andreas Larsen 23/8
7. 200lb Theo van Baardwijk 1/10
8. 198lb Terry Smith 9/6
9. 197lb Steven McCarthy 18/6
10. 193lb Terry Smith 26/10 25542677_10156021167126598_1833083468246854772_o25550579_10156021166576598_6806417452688768431_n25552012_10156021167116598_1033874572791162266_n25587707_10156021165576598_5927018673489606054_o25593939_10156021167136598_1940050580716888634_n25627013_10156021165551598_4047363336361785964_o25627212_10156021166586598_9034250686727646888_o

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