Catfish Capers

18th-23rd Nov. Out for our last week of guiding for this year we had 2 newcomers 2 guided catfishing. Again with conditions against us, water levels rising, water temp dropping and the weather getting bitterly cold we still managed to land a few fish and have a good week. Peter and Andy managed to land 12 cats between them with 6 of them over that 100lb mark. Peter’s bests went 143lbs, 148lbs and 160lbs and Andy managed 2 over the 100 lb with one at 101 lbs and the biggest of the week at 162lbs. Great going guys in hard conditions.

10th-16th Nov. With the weather getting very cold and with rain and even snow on one of the days, Andrew Hosegood was on his 2nd weeks fishing with us and the fishing was a little harder but we was still catching every day. By the end of the week the levels were up and he had managed some nice cats. With a total of 13 cats the biggest of this week were 136lbs, 144lbs and the biggest of the fortnight for him at 170lbs. Andrew’s total for the 2wks was 35 cats. 17 over 100lbs.

10th-16th Nov. With 5 guys turning up to fish with Tim, and with the weather turning cold and wet, it wasn’t going to be an easy week. But they all caught with only one of them not managing to ton up. In total they had 18 cats with 10 of them over the 100lb. One of the days they caught 10 cats with 7 over the ton. Stuart’s best was 126lbs, Dave’s best 135lbs, Graham’s best 121lbs, 130lbs and 150lbs, Chris’s best 130lbs, 141lbs and the biggest for their group at 158lbs. Poor old Terry’s biggest went 80lb. Better luck next year Terry, hope to see you all again

Andy's 162 lb cat

Catfish Capers

4th-9th Nov. Out on his own for the week, Andrew Hosegood started the first day off by landing 8 cats with 5 of them going over the magical 100lb. His luck continued on day 2 with 7 cats and 4 over the 100lb, and by the end of the week with the flow picking up after a big downpour, he had managed to land 22 cats with 14 of them over the 100 lbs mark for a total weight of 2465lbs, with an average of 112lbs. His best fish went 2x131lbs, 148lbs, 152lbs, 153lbs, 166lbs and 168lbs.

21st-26th Oct. After having an e-mail from someone in Finland and arranging a trip for him and his mate, along they came for a week’s fishing with us. Jogen and Veli arrived on the Sunday evening ready for the first day out on the Monday and what a start to their trip. 11 cats and 2 over the 100lb with the best to Veli at 132lbs.The week carried on well and they landed 45 cats with 15 over the 100lb mark. The biggest went to Veli at 160 lb, 165 lb, 174 lb and 177 lb and Jogen’s biggest was 149 lbs. Great to see you guys and hope we see you again soon

Alan's new PB 51lb common

Catfish Capers

14th-20th Oct. Out for a week’s fishing were regulars Bob, Alan and Chris who live here in Spain. They drove down and met us for their weeks fishing. Well the fishing was a little slow for them with only a few cats coming out up to 121lbs but Alan did manage a new PB with the carp with one at 51 lbs. Well done Alan good fishing.

8th -15th Sept. A group of 3 out for the week fishing with us had a good day yesterday with 7 cats, 2 over the ton but the prize fish of the day went to Robert Maisey, who landed a 50 lb 8 oz common. What a cracking fish, well done Rob.

15 June 2013. With the river levels rising rapidly and the fishing conditions getting very hard on a river in flood the MTC boys sat it out and carried on with their baiting and managed to prove what a quality bait they have here. Fishing with MTC’s Master M8 and Liver boilies combined with pop ups, liquids and stick mix from their range they managed 56 runs landing 42 of them up to the biggest of the week at 42 lbs 8 oz. Their tally was 5 x 40lb + 9 x30 lb + 10 x 20 lb + and 18 below 20lbs. What a week on a river that went into flood halfway through. Well done guys and a great result for you and the MTC baits.

Rob's 50lb 8oz common

Catfish Capers

26 May. With a good week had by this week’s clients the fishing was slow but steady with a few small 100lb plus cats and a few nice carp. Little old Tony had the biggest carp of the week at 42 lbs caught on the pellet but again soaked in MTC’s brilliant krill liquid.

Tony's 42lb common


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