Catfish Capers

5th-9th November. Out for just a short 3 days fishing with us this week was Dave P, Stephen, Brian and newcomer to us and their group Dave B. With the fishing hard due to the levels of flow and water coming in, they had two days catching some lovely cats but didn’t manage a bite on their last day. In total they caught 9 cats with 7 of them going over the ton making it a good few days fishing. Dave B was the only one not to ton up with his best going 88 lbs, Stephen had cats of 146 lb and 161 lbs, Dave P had cats of 110 lb, 149 lb, 157 lb and a foul hooked one of 168 lb which doesn’t count and Brian had the biggest at 170 lbs.

27th October- 1st November. Our two Dutch friends fished their last day in the hope of cats but they didn’t feed so they carried on in the hope the carp would again. Adding another 5 carp to the weeks total Andre topped it off with the biggest of the week at 50 lbs 8 oz. In total for the week they had 4 cats with 3 over the ton, the best at 155 lb for Andre and 129 lb for Erik and also 25 carp, 8×20 lb plus, 7×30 lb plus, 3×40 lb plus and 1×50 lb plus.

Dave and Brian 170lb


Andre's 40lb 8oz common

Catfish Capers

19th-25th October. Staying in our villa at Chiprana and fishing by themselves for the week were regulars Jos and Stef from Holland. Again with a slow start to the week it picked up for them by the end of the week with them landing 27 cats with 17 going over the ton. Their best of the week was 152, 151, 151, 150 and 143. Jos also managed to catch a few trolling at 135, 92 and 90.Well done boys see you again soon

13-18th October. Newcomers to us Kevin, Martyn and Matt and regular Steve fished for the week and with the cats slowly gracing the banks every day, a great week was had by all with a total of 24 cats at the end of the week with 15 of them going over the ton for a total weight of 2634 lbs. All but Matt managed new PB’s on this trip with Martyn’s best at 147 lbs, Matt’s best at 151 lbs, Kevin’s best at 168 lbs and golden balls Steve with every cat he caught over the ton and the biggest of the week at 182 lb. A great week guys and hope to see you all again soon.

5th-12th October. After having a hard week last time with the kingfisher crew, Rick, Ernie and Heapy decided to return again and try their luck. During the week the fishing wasn’t easy but they manged to have a good week and broke a few PB’s as well. They caught 18 cats with 4 over the 100 lb with the best going to Heapy at 118 lbs and Rick at 106 lbs. Between them they also landed 7 carp with 3x30lb and a 41lb8oz and a 43 lb again both to golden balls Heapy. Rick’s best carp was 38lb and Ernie’s best carp was 35lb8oz. See you again guys for some bigger cats!

29th Sept – 4th October. Out with us this week was the miss a lot gang Dave, Tommy, Mike and Mick, but they did catch a few as well. All four of them caught cats over the 100 lb mark with Mike’s best at 104 lb, Dave’s best at 123 lb, Tommy’s best at 143 lb and top rod Mick’s best was 160 lb and 2 at 164 lbs. In total they caught 42 cats with 11 over the ton for a total weight of 3556 lbs. They also caught some lovely carp, 11 in total with 2×20 lb,7×30 lb and 2 over 40 lb at 43 lb for Mike and 44 lb for Tommy. Great week guys see you all again.

Heapy's 118lbs

Catfish Capers

21st-27th September. Second group out this week and fishing with Glenn and Bolo was a group of 3 and a group of 2. Dale, Mick, Bob and father and son David and Michael. Fishing was slow for them the first few days with only a few bites but they stuck with it with some good advice from the guides and they all caught and all managed cats over the ton. In total they caught 13 cats with 6 over the 100 lb mark. Bob 102 lb, Mick 126 lb, Dale 117 and the biggest of the group at 149 lb. Michael 115 lb and his dad David at 131 lbs. They also had a few lovely carp with Michael at 35 lb, Dale at 41 lb and Mick at 43 lb.

18th-20th September. Returning for 3days fishing was Barry, Jez, Ron, Paul and Ryan. We had a good 3 days landing 21cats, 5 over 100 lb for a total weight of 1681 lbs. We also managed to land 2 carp over 30lbs with 31lb 8oz to Barry and 38lb to Ron. The best cat went to Paul at 143lb with Ron’s best at 122lbs. The others were 120lb and 108lb again to Paul and Jez with his new PB at 116 lb. Great few days guys, see you next year.

15th-20th September. Fishing the week with Tim were the boys from Leeds. They ended the week all catching cats over the 100lb mark with Gary’s best at 141lbs, Dean’s best at 122lbs and Tom’s best at 117 lbs. In total they had 26 cats with 4 over the ton for a total weight of 1787 lbs. They also had 2 carp both over 30 lbs with Tom catching them both at 35 lbs and 36 lbs.

21st-23rd July. Have just fished for two and a bit days with Guy and his dad Dave, in the hope of catching Dave his first ever ton up and we did it! In total they caught 22 cats in 2 1/2 days fishing for a total weight of 1199lbs with a ton up a piece. Guy’s at 109 lbs and dad Dave’s at 156 lb. Well done and see you again in two weeks.

Mick's best 164 lbs

Catfish Capers

13th-19th July. With Jack and his son Paul joining us this week for their first taste of fishing for cats and fishing the Ebro what a great week they had. Between them they landed 69 cats with 14 over the ton for a total weight of 4868 lbs. They both had 7 over 100 lbs with Jack’s going 102, 118, 133, 136, 140, 141 and his biggest at 155 lbs. Paul’s going 100, 111, 112, 128, 136, 144 and the best of the week at 159 lbs. Great fishing guys see you both again.

6th-12th July. Our two clients this week, Father and son Rob and Lewis have had a fantastic week catching 112 cats for a total weight of 7145 lbs with 12 over the 100 lbs. Lewis’s best were 117lbs 118lbsx2 130lbs 144lbs and 146lbs while Rob’s best were 100lbs, 102lbs, 157lbs, 158lbs, 166lbs and the best of the year so far at 193lbs. Well done guys and hope to see you again soon

29th June-5th July. With storms at the beginning of the week the fishing on Saturday slowed up a little with only 4 cats due to a rising river, flow picking up and the water temperature going down. But a good week was had by Daz, Phil, Stan and Uncle Ken as he got named. Between them they caught 83 cats, 6 over the 100 lb mark with a total weight coming in at 5134 lbs. Sadly, Uncle Ken didn’t quite make it over the ton at 99 lbs but the others did. Stan’s best was 102 lbs, Phil’s best was 107 lbs and Daz with the best of the week at 120 lbs. Phil also managed a lovely common of 23 lbs caught on MTC’s liver boilie. See you all again soon boys.

Rob and son Lewis' cracking 193 lbs

Catfish Capers

22nd-28th June. With the fishing finally switching on a great week was had for 5 of our new clients. Matt, Ian, Fran, Mick and Kev. All but one managed to catch over the ton with Matt at 100 lbs, Ian at 103 lbs and 112 lbs, Mick at 116 lbs and little Kev with the best of the week at 144 lbs. In total they landed 110 cats, 5 over 100 lbs for a total weight of 5848 lbs plus 1 small carp to Fran. Great fishing guys hope to see you all again.

28th-31st May. Joining Tim and his group was Darren and Damien for a half weeks fishing and although there was not a lot coming out in the second half of the week, they both managed a good cat each. Both with a new PB each Damien 130lbs and Darren 132lb. They also had 3 nice carp with Damien landing one dead on 30lbs and Darren again with the biggest at 37lbs. Good fishing guys on a hard river and hopefully see you again in August

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