Catfish Capers

28 Aug. It’s always nice to see our guests returning back for more fishing! This time it was Gary, Richard and Louie who were out last year and came back for some more Ebro action! We had a great week where all of them managed to catch new personal bests on both cats and carp!! Landing a total of 80 fish with cats up to 158lb and carp up to 38lb we also managed to bank one of the very rare Ebro mirrors just over 30lb!


04 Sept. Another week with more returning customers from last year. Kev, Trevor and Wayne decide to come back again and they also brought their friend Graham to try to get him some Ebro cats! They landed a total of 92 catfish up to 131lb (11 ton ups) and 17 carp up to 38lb including two mirrors! All in all a great week and looking forward to see you next year again!

What a cracking mirror!

Catfish Capers

11 Aug. Finally got time to put a full catch report together from last week’s fishing.

John, Andy, Chris and Stew had all visited us before but this time they also brought their friend Sean with them to catfish for the first time! We managed to put a total of 133 fish on the bank (117 cats and 16 carp). But the luckiest person this week must be first timer Sean, catching his first ton-up the second day at 131lb and shortly after raising his personal best to a respectable 168lb! But it didn’t stop there! The day after just when we are about to pack up he hooks on to something massive and after nervous fight we managed to land a really big fish that pushed the scales around to 204lb (92,6kg)!! A pleasure to guide you all and thanks for a great week!

Sean's cracking 204 lb'er!

Catfish Capers

02 Jul. The catfishing is really good at the moment! The cats are feeding with confidence and biting well in the warm Spanish weather! The last five days I’ve been guiding two Dutch and two English clients landing in total 74 catfish! The biggest being 159lb (72.2kg), 145lb (65.8kg) and 136lb (61.2kg. In total 11 fish over 100pounds. If you don’t mind the heat and like to get a good sun tan together with some great catches this is a good time to come to the Ebro!


13 Jul. Last week the fishing was absolutely brilliant, most days the bites were coming one after another and in total we landed 138 fish! A lot of smaller sized fish but some really nice ones in between (3 new personal bests!!) with the biggest catfish pushing the scales to 163lb!
Thanks for a great week guys!


28 Jul. Had three people out visiting the Ebro for the first time and during their first day we landed 24 catfish and 2 carp! Then it just rolled on during the rest of the week landing a total of 135 fish during their 6 days of fishing!! Dave’s biggest for the week was 136lb, Sam had fish to 131lb and Charles’ biggest cat was 124lb! Another great weeks fishing with good company!

Dave's 136lb

Catfish Capers

21 Apr. Short catch report from last week!

Last week turned out to be fairly difficult, the river Ebro didn’t show its best side and we had to work hard for each bite! We mainly had smaller sized catfish but in the end we got a few “good” ones on the bank with the biggest being a 129pound cat (58,6kg) But nice sunny weather and nice people made it a really nice week in the end!



27 Apr. Matt and Reece visiting the Ebro. Matt and his 9 year old son came over from England to visit us for a week’s fishing. They decided to mix the week with fishing for both cats and carp, starting the week off with 3 days catfishing. In total they landed 29 cats! Matt’s biggest being a 113lb and his son Reece’s biggest being a nice 135lb, not bad for a 9 year old to get it in on his own! But the biggest cat of the week got shared between father and son as Reece hooked it but ran out of strength and Matt took it over in the end, landing a nice 141lb’er (64kg).

Catfish Capers

08 Apr. Full report from last week! John, Donny and Dave were out fishing with uș last week. We had plenty of activity each day with lots of knocks and missed bites that kept us active all day. In the end they caught a total of 38 catfish between them! A lot of the fish were unfortunately smaller sized ones but we still had a good time on the bank and each one of them left the Ebro with some good sized fish! Johns biggest being 149lb (67,6kg) Donny 143lb (64,9kg) and Daves biggest being a 115lb (52,2kg) catfish!

John's 149lb'er

Catfish Capers

27 March Ebro Easter! Full catch report! Last week brought a group of 4 Swedish guys. We started the week off great by landing 10 cats the first day and lost another five fish in some really nice and warm spring weather! The second day wasn’t bad either with 6 cats on the bank, but the river started to come up and it got a bit colder.

For the rest of the week it got a bit harder with mainly smaller fish on the bank but we were still catching a few fish a day. On the last day the Spanish sun was shining at its best with temperatures over 20 degrees! The river was really busy because of the Easter celebrations and lots of local anglers were trying their luck making the fishing hard, but we finished off in style landing a nice cat that pushed the scales to 126lb just before packing up! In total we caught 31 catfish and all clients left with fish over 50kilos! Biggest being a 130lb (59kg) caught in the beginning of the week!

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