Catfish Capers

19 Dec. We finally got time to put together the results from 2015’s season. In total we caught 1760 catfish with some really big fish at the top! Take in to account that all our fish were caught on the top lake, so scroll down and have a look at our 2015 top list!

We would also like to wish all our guest and followers a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Hope to see you all next year on the banks of the Ebro!

Tight lines the Catfish Capers team


1 207lb Andy Burgess 13/11/15
2 204lb Gary Arnold 27/03/15
3 201lb Pablo Mastronei 08/04/15
4 200lb Jade 09/08/15
5 196lb Jonathan Haga 23/10/15
6 193lb Jonathan Haga 17/10/15
7 193lb Dave 05/09/15
8 191lb Aaron Van Vugt 08/09/15
9 189lb Lee Wasden 02/10/15
10 189lb Jos Bergervout 06/04/15
11 188lb Mick 06/11/15
12 183lb Bruce 23/05/15
13 183lb Scouce Lad 13/06/15
14 180lb Dean Price 08/09/15
15 179lb Nick 27/03/15


1 54.5 Sam Wodwiss 17/09/15
2 53.5 Martin Bengtson 13/02/15
3 50.5 Glenn 15/10/15
4 49.5 Tim Hamilton 08/09/15
5 49 Graham Smith 10/09/15
6 48 RasmussSand 06/01/15
7 48 Tim Hamilton 20/03/15
8 48 Dodger 23/05/15
9 48 Tim Dutch 10/09/15
10 47.5 Hannah Cogan 29/06/15
11 47 Tim Hamilton 15/02/15
12 47 Graham Smith 05/08/15
13 45 Mikael Sand 05/01/15
14 45 Anders Herland 18/10/15
15 45 Darien Drisen 06/11/15

Catfish Capers

12 Nov. Super fishing! 143 catfish! The fishing in the Ebro is great at the moment the catfish are having a proper “feeding frenzy” in the water! The first few days of the week were a bit slow, but the last three days were proper mental with over 5O takes a day in the roasting sun! A few of the catfish won the battle and escaped but in total we landed 143 catfish with some nice ones up to 148lb and also a couple of nice carp to 41lb.

148 lb'er

Catfish Capers

12 Nov. Now I have a bit more time I will start putting up some of this year’s captures. After seeing Jeremy Wade’s River monsters episode about the Ebro. Lilly from the United States decided to try to catch one! During her 4 days she landed 22 catfish with a real beast of 175lb as a top fish! She also caught a very rare little cat with a very unusual colouration that will hopefully be a real magnificent fish in a couple of years!

Lilly's moggie


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